We invite any of our attenders to take the dip, who wish to publicly express to everyone that they are a committed follower of Christ!

It’s a marvelous tribute to the One:
Who died for you on the cross,
Who takes away burdens and fear,
Who gives us hope and purpose,
Who beat death and sealed your fate.
We celebrate your surrender to Him, showing in this way your “outward expression of an inward faith.”
Another way to show your obedience, your baptism in a way also illustrates Jesus’ death on the cross (going under the water), and His rebirth (rising out of the water).
But know that it is just  a ceremony, a fun recognition, a way to confirm your acceptance. Getting baptized does not prompt, define, or guarantee your salvation. You gained that already when you surrendered your life in order to follow Jesus.
We will ask you to participate in a baptism orientation ahead of time, mostly to give you a chance to ask questions, search your internal motives, maybe even help you create a statement to read at the baptism gathering. Friends and family of course are happily encouraged to attend — if they bring towels!
Contact one of our Pastors if you are interested in baptism.