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“Pardners” of Open Range Fellowship…

… a posse of believers who will faithfully and prayerfully support His work every month.


ORF exists today because of the partnerships of a dedicated few who helped plant the effort.

With help and leading from the Holy Spirit, good is already being accomplished through this little church in the Midwest:

~ Lives have been changed and turned around.
~ Kids and adults have been given new hope by the Lord’s grace.
~ People have been saved and angels have rejoiced EVERY time!

But we always need to GROW the church body, fulfilling the task set out in the Great Commission [Matt 28:18-20]. To help do that we need regular support to carry out that on-growing mission, as well as help to take care of what’s on our plate from month to month.

 This Pardner Program Overview (PDF file) contains several explanations.
 Browse through the list of Resource Items offered!


Become a Sponsoring Supporter: Choose a Category Level


PARDNER Level 1Entry-level Pardner Sponsorship:

$25 monthly pledge.

~ OR ~
TELL ME MORE – What’s included in the “Pardner” level?


TOP HAND Level 2

Next-level Top Hand Sponsorship:
$50 monthly pledge.

~ OR ~
TELL ME MORE – What’s included in the “Top Hand” level?



Top-level Range Boss Sponsorship:
$100 per month.

~ OR ~
TELL ME MORE – What’s included in the “Range Boss” level?



One-Time, General Donations Also Gratefully Accepted

Make a Donation NowYou can make a general donation right now in any amount you choose, directed towards any purpose you prefer, online using Paypal (even if you don’t have a Paypal account):

You are not required to use Paypal to make a one-time donation or to join our ongoing “Pardner” sponsorship program. If you wish, simply mail donations to the address at the bottom of these pages. Just make your check payable to “Open Range”, specifying any special fund or ministry name in the “notes” area. All donations are tax deductible.

Is PayPal Safe?  Online donations are processed through, an intermediary service which protects your financial data. If you don’t have or want a PayPal account, your single donation can still be processed online through this free service.

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