Value of Praising God

(click here to inspect a larger photo)A thirty-one day personal journal designed to help you know and meditate upon some of the Hebrew names and attributes of God. Complete with a pronunciation guide and English translation of God’s Hebrew names in the first section, with the second section devoted to a partial list of God’s attributes and a corresponding Bible verse.

As you complete an entry for each of the thirty-one days you will begin to discover and imprint upon your heart the awesomeness of God the Father and the greatness of His love.

Give one to yourself and one to a friend. You’ll be glad you did.
Spiral-bound, forty-seven page journal.

$5 Each

(Normally available as a free premium to Open Range “Pardner” sponsors at the $25 monthly level.)

Also Note:

You are not required to use Paypal to make a one-time donation or join our ongoing sponsorship program. If you wish, simply mail donations to the address at the bottom of these pages. Just make your check payable to “Open Range”, specifying any special fund or ministry name in the “notes” area.

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