Open Range Native American Outreach

Logo for Open Range Native American OutreachORNAO uses mission trips, small groups, speaking engagements and summer camps to serve native Americans and assist in racial reconciliation.

Please contact Ken Forbes for information on Native American ministry opportunities!




What We Do:

  • Disciple and train students to return home equipped to get plugged in to a good church, start a small group, or plant a new church.
  • Educate churches about the history of church involvement in the history of Native Americans, what is still happening (the state of the Reservation) and what we can do about it.
  • Change the lives of people, both those going on mission trips to the tribes and the Native Americans we come in contact with.
  • Empower Christ-followers to have a vision to bring God’s kingdom into every sector of society, with a focus on the Native Americans.



Why We Do It:

  • For 500 years, the gospel has been preached to Native Americans, yet today only 3 percent are Christians.
  • Nearly 500 tribes are recognized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
  • More than 400 treaties were made and broken by the U.S. Government.
  • Life expectancy for Native American men is about 41 years; for Native American women, 46 years.
  • Alcohol mortality is 10 times higher than all other races combined.
  • Alcoholism affects 75 percent of all Native American homes.
  • The suicide rate for Native Americans is 5 times higher than any other ethnic group.


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