Serving as the Hands and Feet of Christ

Mission work comes in many forms, on the front lines and behind the scenes.

People who attend Open Range love to grow in their walk with Christ, and in gratitude come to know the satisfaction and significance of serving in return. Acting as the “hands and feet of Christ” is the goal – not salvation or personal glory.



Some find that their donation of time is the best fit to fulfill a prompting by the Holy Spirit. In some situations, just being there helps encourage someone, reflecting the love God has instilled in us.


Outreach to Homeless Camps with 
YouTube Video

Nursing Home Caroling and Interaction at a VA Facility



Others may have received talents, skills, or hobby interests from the Lord earlier in life, and now they find a way to incorporate their use into weekly or monthly volunteer service or projects of all kinds.


Career Skills = Skills Used to Build the Kingdom

Gathering before a service, Christian bikers and cowboys alike pause to pray for a member of the Christian Motorcyclists Association. Area riders representing three chapters of CMA attend Open Range.


Some people help by simply sharing their treasure, donating money so it can be divided out for various projects.
Funds assist in the spread of the gospel message internationally, as well as locally through eastern Jackson county food pantries, youth ministry assistance with disabled kids’ camps, or for other varied projects to support, encourage, and disciple those in need.


Guatemala Outreach to Cattlemen and Rancher Groups with
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Volunteers Fill Christmas Supply Bags for the Homeless


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