Open Road Ministry

Many who attend Open Range love horses of all kinds – even ‘iron horses’.



The “Open Road” ministry is made up of motorcyclists who love the Lord and band together to spread His Word among those in the motorcycle culture.

We developed our own patch to show our affiliation with Open Range Fellowship, as well as our dedication to spreading the Gospel!

We’re not affiliated with any specific motorcycle association but invite any and all to ride with us, to spread the Good News of Salvation that comes through our Lord Jesus Christ!

We participate in charitable motorcycle runs to assist those less fortunate than us, and to further spread the Gospel of Christ. We also hope to have a monthly fellowship “fun run”.

Pastor Joe

Pastor Joe “Top Hat” White

Please join us in promoting the Gospel through our “Open Road” motorcycle ministry!

If you have questions or would like more info on upcoming rides or activities, please contact Pastor Joe White – send him an email!