Open Range is a safe place to start.

We’re all working on getting better, fighting our own internal and external battles.

Please, don’t feel like you have to fix all your bad stuff before you set foot in a church.

One of our co-founders liked to say that Open Range was like a “hospital” for sick people — bound by sin, in a continual battle to become well.

We’re non-denominational and not tied-in to the structure of a long-standing set of rules. We’re led by prayer and the Holy Spirit. Multiple pastors, teachers, and leaders at Open Range use biblical principles and truth for the basis of their messages, as well as decision making.

When you’re ready, we offer two services:

Saturday nights at 6:00pm.
Sunday mornings at 10:00am.

Come a bit early to have some coffee and visit.

We also offer small-group Bible studies before both services, in case you like to participate with others in lessons and scripture discussions.