Youth Ministries

Children’s Church Available During Both Services

After families sing and worship in the main auditorium and visitors are invited to “say howdy to someone”, parents can bring their children aged 2 to 10 to the end of the hall for children’s church!

Kids participate in a variety of activities based on a Biblical story, as well as a ministry activity.

A ministry-type of activity might involve coloring and decorating lunch bags to be used by Open Range adult volunteers during their homeless outreach trips to KC (with

Lives are made brighter when the kids pass along their light to the homeless, and we hear that these little efforts are a wonderful blessing to those served.






Bible stories are chosen for appropriate age levels and may change depending on the makeup of a particular class. Flannelgraphs may be used, as well as videos, or short skits with the kids.

Game time follows Bible study, and often includes or focuses on the theme from the story illustration. Play time outside may also be offered, if parents OK their child’s participation.

A separate nursery room is also available for small children under 2, not only for the duration of the adult service, but the room can also serve as temporary place for parents to soothe an upset child. Baby beds, a rocking chair, and toddler toys are ready.

Parents will complete an information sheet to identify which adults are responsible for the child. Open Range children’s church volunteers pass a security/background check before serving in the ministry.

Volunteers led by God’s calling are also encouraged to join the ministry! Please contact Anita Weaver with questions or for any additional details.

Teens and Young Adults

Campfires, music, worship, food and snacks, friends being friends! People learning to trust Jesus for strength while living in a difficult world.


The IGNITE Youth Ministry is also online …
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Please email Eric Herman or Chris Rush for information.