Upcoming Message

Karl DarleyThis weekend, February 22nd and 23rd at Open Range Fellowship, guest presenter Karl Darley will deliver a message called “Only God Could.”

From the simple, practical, earthly parables of Jesus, to the complex doctrines of Paul, who wrote, as Peter said, “some things that are hard to understand,” the message is the same. God has accomplished the impossible, by a process called re-birth, where the sinner becomes sinless, through the work of a substitute, our Redeemer, Jesus Christ, at a place called Calvary.



Service Times

Saturday Nights: 6:00pm  |  Sunday Mornings: 10:00am
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Inclement Weather

You have two options to check for ORF cancellations:
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~  Call the Open Range office to hear a recording: 816-697-2002

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