“Twelve Ordinary Men” Series Continues

Coming up this weekend, July 11 & 12 at ORF, Pastor Joe “Top Hat” White will bring us the next part in the “Twelve Ordinary Men” series, and part 6 is titled “John: His Great Transformation.”
John was a man’s man. Starting out being strong, impetuous and having a bad temper. But through the Scriptures we can see how Jesus and the Holy Spirit worked to transform this man into a disciple reflecting the image of Jesus Christ.
Regular men, assembled by Jesus to launch the mission of love for the benefit of all: incredible!


We Have Reopened for Worship!

We’ll continue to take care and use social distancing as well as provide hand sanitizer. You are welcome to wear a mask or not. If you feel unsure about the potential to be exposed, please feel no shame in staying home and watching messages later on our YouTube channel or Facebook.
The pastors recorded a short video to address and explain a few things related to reopening. Click here to play the video (YouTube).